The E-One

E-Ones op een rijtje

What is an E-One?

The E-One is an innovative full electric vehicle (no bicycle!) especially developed to travel from A to B in a economical and sustainable way. The vehicle is developed in the Netherlands and is build from recyclable materials.

What's in an E-One?

The E-One is powered by a 1 KW electric motor in the right rear wheel. The electric motor is powered from a powerfull LiFePo battery package. The charger for the battery is built in so recharging en route (using a standard wall outlet) is no problem.

E-One cockpitIn the E-One you will find a luxurious seat, an adjustable steering wheel with switches for direction indicators, cruise-control, horn and a regenerative break (with which power is recovered during braking). On the steering wheel you will also find a throttle lever and a hydraulic brake lever.

The display will provide you with information about travelled distance, an ODO meter, battery status, average speed etc..

The vehicle also features a key-contact switch, a selector switch for the battery-packs and a fan to keep the screen clear of condensation. You have a choice between a 10Ah battery, a 20Ah battery or both (providing you with 30Ah). A respective range of 30, 60 to 90 kilometers is provided with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Typically you will drive your E-One on bicycle paths or on municipal roads.

Which options are available?

Your E-One is available in the colors red, dark blue, dark green, orange and light grey. You can customize or expand your E-One with diffferent options such as a larger battery-pack, sunshade, solar-smart parking box, luggage bag, advertising (for instance for companies), USB charger, telephone holder etc. 

Specifications 2017

E-One serie

Power source 100% electric
Seats 1
Power 1000 Watt
Speed max. 25 km/u
Battery 48V, 10/20/30 Ah
Range 30/60/90 km
Charger 220/240V 3 Amp
Parking Flat
Empty weight 77-90 kg
Total weight Max. 200 kg
Length 1999 mm
Width 740 mm
Height 1200 mm
Battery-type LiFePo
Vehicle type Special moped (NL)
Wheels 2 x 20", 1 x 12"
Luggage room 50 liter
Min. Age 16 years (NL)
Max. length approx. 2m
Licence Not needed (NL)
Insurance Limited liability (NL)

E-One 30km range

Voordelige keuze

Accupakket: 10 Ah
Actieradius: ca. 30 km
Typisch gebruik: Binnen de stad

Prijs: € 3630 incl. BTW

(€ 3000 excl. BTW)
E-One 60km range

Flexibele keuze

Accupakket: 20 Ah
Actieradius: ca. 60 km
Typisch gebruik: Tussen steden

Prijs: € 4130 incl. BTW

(€ 3413,22 excl. BTW)

Luxe keuze

Accupakket: 30 Ah
Actieradius: ca. 90 km
Typisch gebruik: In Nederland

Prijs: € 4380 incl. BTW

(€ 3619,83 excl. BTW)

"Voor slechts € 0,0035 per kilometer naar je werk"

~ Ed van Dort